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"Be Confident, Be Strong, Be Yourself"

About Us: Welcome

Daw Martial Arts teaches Traditional Shorinji Ryu Karate, Okinawan Weaponry and Self Defence to our members in a friendly, welcoming environment. Men, women and children of all ages will gain numerous benefits from regular training,
Training in the Martial Arts builds self esteem and confidence in addition to promoting compassion and respect for others and oneself. With potential to increase your physical fitness, coordination, reflexes, stamina and mental tenacity while building camaraderie among students.



Each person learns at a different pace and has a unique set of strengths and capabilities. Our Instructors are patient and understanding of the learning process for martial arts students of all ages. We are didicated to providing the necessary support to assist students along the way.


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Trust is an essential pillar in any relationship. To work with one another, especially in self-defence, requires trust in order to work, learn and lead effectively. We've created a positive and supportive environment where members (both students and instructors) can help and encourage each other as they learn and grow.


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Everyone is respected equally as an individual regardless of age or rank at Daw Martial Arts. Our students learn from experienced instructors and receive positive and constructive feedback. We believe in cultivating growth through positive reinforcement.

About Us: Courses
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