Daw Martial Arts & Fitness teaches Traditional Shorinji Karate, Okinawan Weaponry and Self Defence to our members in a friendly, welcoming environment. Men, women, and children of all ages will gain numerous benefits from regular training.


Martial Arts builds self-esteem and confidence in addition to promoting compassion and respect for others and oneself. You will increase your physical fitness, coordination, reflexes, stamina, and mental tenacity while building camaraderie among students.

We're proud to offer beginner, intermediate and advanced classes during evenings on a consistent basis (Monday through Thursday) to accommodate the unique needs of families and individuals with busy lifestyles. It's a great after school or work commitment to incorporate easily into your everyday routine.


Compassion, trust, and respect are at the heart of what we do, and we love to have fun doing it! Discover what you can accomplish by joining Daw Martial Arts & Fitness today.

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Sensei Daw is a Yondan (4th degree) black belt who has been training and instructing for 30 years. He recieved his Shodan Rank from O'Sensei Richard Kim at the University of Guelph, Ontario. As a long-time businessman he is passionate about helping others, which translates into his teaching. With an evident love of the art he enthusiastically shares his knowledge and encourages students to always put forward their best effort.


"Teaching karate isn't just about karate. It's about teaching self-worth."


He is a strong advocate for building self-confidence and improving quality of life through fitness in an enjoyable way. Sensei Daw strives to create an environment that is constructive, positive, and community centered so that students leave each class feeling good about themselves, along with a sense of accomplishment. He considers it a great honour to pass on his knowledge to anyone seeking to learn.  

Sensei Daw